Sunday, January 13, 2013

Worst blogger in the history of the interwebz...

It's probably a good thing nobody reads my blog. Considering I haven't blogged in, oh what's it been? Almost 2 years? Yikes...

Sometimes, over these past 2 years, I would think about blogging. But then I would convince myself that there was nothing in my life worth writing about. Especially since my blog is called "Shannon Paints" and, well, these days Shannon paints about as much as she flies rocketships while performing heart surgery.

It feels a little weird to write about my life if I'm not conquering the art world, turning out multiple paintings per week, or splattering my studio with clay to create works of ceramic awesomeness. But even if I'm not doing the things that I would consider to make me "successful" (whatever the hell that actually means), even if I'm not the prolific artist I always hoped I would be at 27 years old, it doesn't mean my life isn't bloggable.

Every day in my life is an adventure. I live in freaking Italy. I wake up every morning to a view of a gorgeous lake from my living room window. I stumble through a language that I never studied properly, but every word in my Italian vocabulary and every bit of mangled grammer is a personal triumph because I did it on my own. I go hiking in the Dolomites. I've climbed Mount Vesuvius more times than I can count. I battle dragons in the Sistine Chapel (okay, they're actually ferocious throngs of toursits and bitter old tour guides... but they act like and sometimes even smell like dragons).

And the biggest adventure of all, I just got engaged. I'm getting married. I'm getting freaking married. After seven years with Tommaso, we decided to make it legal. So I'm now planning a wedding, to be held in Alabama later this year, from the other side of the planet. If that's not terrifying exciting, I don't know what is.

So I think maybe I will visit the blog more often, to talk about life and let off steam from wedding planning. We'll see how this goes...

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