Monday, December 6, 2010

First Post

Let me start by saying I'm pretty new to blogging and a chronic procrastinator (I'm lucky if my Facebook status gets updated once a week and I have pictures from 2004 that I've never uploaded), so we'll see how this turns out.

Basically, I'm doing this blog so that my friends and family can see what I'm up to. I live in Rome and work as a tour guide, so that in itself keeps my life pretty interesting. I call myself an artist, but since I haven't painted anything serious in about a year I'm not so sure I deserve the title. I'm planning to work on that, though... with tourism's low season starting I have no excuse not to create a studio space and get to work. I'll be posting pics of my progress. I hope :)

I also think blogging will be a good way for me to clear my head of a lot of clutter... thoughts and ideas and worries that fill my brain as I'm taking the train to work or trying to get to sleep at night. So you'll probably see a lot of my opinions and thoughts on life, as well as personal struggles (like learning to speak Italian and trying to maintain a healthy weight in the land of pasta, pizza, and pane) and occasional triumphs. I'd love to have people share their thoughts and advice on the subjects I post, so don't be shy!

I guess that's about it for my first post. Pretty soon I'll be writing about my recent trip home to Alabama. But for now I'm going to enjoy some much needed quality time with my man- watching a movie and cuddling on the couch. Ciao, y'all!

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